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Capoeira can be practiced by everyone, independent of their age, gender or physical capacities. In order to successfully learn capoeira, a lot of importance is further given to practicing traditional songs and instruments. 

Come and try a first class for free, you will not regret it !

Class schedule  

Planning cours.png

18h-19h: cours de Pandeiro
19h-20h30:  Capoeira Adultes - Musique
20h30-22h:  Capoeira Adultes - Mouvements

19h45-21h45: Capoeira Adultes
15h15-16h15: Capoeira Enfants - 3-8 ans
16h15-17h15: Capoeira Enfants - 9+
19h30-21h30: Capoeira Adultes

10h-11h:  Capoeira Enfants
11h-13h:   Capoeira Adultes

Le calendrier des cours et activités  

Capoeira Angola - Angoleiros do Mar
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