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Jan 2018 - Intercambio Internacional de Capoeira Angoleiros do Mar

Mestre Marcelo Angola


Pérachado Records


The group Angoleiros do Mar Brussels


The 'Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angoleiros do Mar' has been founded  by Mestre Marcelo Angola on the 5 of March 1999, in Barra Grande, a fishers village on the island of Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil. This remains today the 'home' of the groupe, receiving numerous students each year. The island of Itaparica is located in the bay of all Saints, the cradle of Brazilian civilization , where successive generations of capoeiristas maintained the roots and traditions of Capoeira Angola, while influencing its history, philosophy and artistic movements..

The philosophy of Angoleiros do Mar includes responsibility for the development of our own work at different levels , seeking to nurture and develop the technical and theoretical capabilities of a capoeirista (name of the player of capoeira). We use Capoeira as a valuable educational , artistic and cultural resource, seeking to deepen the development of capoeira , and restore the understanding of the value of the Mestre as a producer and transmitter of Brazilian culture and the Brazilian experience..

Eu sou Angoleiro ...

For Angoleiros do Mar, Capoeira Angola is an expression of life and liberty, and must be practiced with respect and attention. Today Angoleiros do Mar Itaparica attracts various practitioners of Capoeira communities in Brazil and abroad , in order to exchange knowledge, education and culture. In addition to being a school that promotes the formation and development of Capoeira Angola , we are a research center in a constant search for Capoeira.


For more information about other Angoleiros do Mar Groups and classes, please see:


Contra Mestre Charel Perêré

Contra Mestre Charel, is a musician and capoeirista. Born in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil, he is today a well-known capoeira teacher in Europe and recently released his first music album. 


His story within capoeira angola...
Having been in touch with capoeira from an early age on, he started to practice capoeira angola in 2003 with the professor Gigante and Mestre Marcelo Angola’s group Angoleiros do Mar. This group was founded in 1999 at Barra Grande on the island of Itaparica, in Bahia, Brazil.


After training two years with different teachers on Mestre Marcelo Angola’s sides he arrived  in Europe in 2005. Here he continued his formation as capoeira angola ‘treinel’ within the association ‘Angoleiros do Mar Lille’ in France and their Professor Bizarro. In 2006 Charel Perere decided to move to Switzerland in order to create the group ‘Angoleiros do Mar Lausanne’. Here he has taught both movement and music to adults, adolecents and children for about six years. He further strenghend his teaching skills with youth by working over three years in the monitoring of young children for the city of Lausanne. Toghether with the other Angoleiros do Mar groups around the world, he developed and promoted the afro-bresilien culture throughout Switzerland and Europe. In 2013 alone, he was invited to teach in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, the UK, Switzerland and several cities in France.

...and as a musician 

With his brazilian roots, Charel has been connected to music since his childhood, composing songs and playing a variety of instruments. As talented autodicat musician, composist, singer, he started composing and writing texts telling his story and popular tails from Bahias culture. He met Sangue Bom some time after arriving in Europe. Deeply conected since their first meeting, the two musicians started working on a shared project, finally completed in November 2013 with the release of their first album 'No mundão de rolê'.  

Capoeira Angola - Angoleiros do Mar
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